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Quotes It has been almost a decade that Ellen has been my massage therapist. She is a great massage therapist. Her work is consistently excellent, reliable and professional. I have been so grateful to have found her. Highly recomended! Quotes
Jason Waters
Nine Years of Great Service

Quotes I have been in pain for almost two years. I've tried PT and it's worked for a while but nothing like the relief I've experienced by massage - specifically a massage by Ellen. She listens and really has been able to find where my pain has started. Instead of masking my pain with analgesics like I had been, she has found the root cause and given me relief along with exercises and stretches in order to continue the healing process. I (and my neck, shoulders, back) thank you. Looking forward to continuing with massage therapy so that I can keep feeling great all over. Quotes

Quotes "Ellen is unique among massage therapists that I know because she treats you like a real person, an individual, not just a body. She listens, gives appropriate feedback and good suggestions. She was there for me to recover from two knee surgeries. Now I am thinking big...A week-long hike up the Appalachian Trail." Quotes

Quotes For the last 5 years, I suffered with pain across my shoulder blades. I had tried many types of exercises and stretches over the years, but the pain just got worse. I decided to try massage therapy and called Ellen to see if there was anything she could do to help. Ellen took the time to listen to me as I explained the burning and pulling feeling in my shoulder blades. Ellen did some quick research and suggested that I may have an issue with my fascia and came up with a treatment plan. She did some soft tissue massage therapy that gave me the Myofascial Release I needed to relieve the pain and increase my range of motion. I no longer have pain across my shoulders and I have Ellen to thank for that. I plan on revisiting her office for other problem areas that I am confident she can help me with. Thanks so much Ellen and I will see you soon. Susan Quotes
Client and Friend

Quotes I just posted this on Facebook because I had to sing Ellen's praises. She's been helping me with my tweaky back for several years. It always feels so wonderful to get on her table and relax. On Wednesday, I was in a tough workout class and inadvertently pulled all the little muscles on my left side - shoulder, ribs, UGH! Really hurt and I was terrified of what it was going to be like 2 days later, when I usually feel the brunt of an injury. I left the class at 7am and was able to get an appt with Ellen at 10:15, just a couple of hours later. MUCH BETTER! I took Ibuprofen as insurance AND was painfree the next morning. I took the day off, but was back on the ropes the next morning. Ellen, you're my miracle worker. Thanks so much Quotes
Sharon Livingston
Very Happy Client

Quotes Because of the position I work in on a daily basis as a dental professional having a regular massage is an absolute must. Ellen keeps my back and neck pain at bay. She is professional, knowlegable, and thorough. I also have my daughter see her as soon as she gets into town from college. Thank you Ellen for being so accomodating to her schedule, and for keeping us healthy! Quotes
Dental Hygienist

Quotes Hello Ellen, it's been just over a week since you gave me the wonderful hot stone massage and helped ease the pain in my lower back and up my spine. Your healing technique and the Biofreeze have made my aches go away. I no longer need to use the Biofreeze or take Advils for discomfort. Thank you so much for the massage and information which I used at home to get my back to feeling normal again. I look forward to seeing you again. Quotes

Quotes I have been seeing Ellen for 3 yrs!! I have had pain in my legs and hips from my spine problems for ten years. I have tried many other treatments. They work but don't last. Ellen is my god sent Angel.!!! Seeing her weekly I'm able to be on my feet all day with a full time retail job and be "Pain Free" !!! Love those magical hands! Quotes
Sandy Dufour

Quotes I started getting massages from Ellen when I was recuperating from rotator cuff surgeries and doing physical therapy. Ellen worked closely with my PT and her massages helped a great deal. I have since regained mobility in my shoulder, but still go to Ellen for massages. I have a stressful job, and always feel better after a session with Ellen. Quotes

Quotes I went to Ellen for elbow pain and she instantly knew what to do. I was so impressed that when my husband pulled a muscle and was having back spasms, I sent him over to see her. He came home pain free and more relaxed, and now would refer any and all who want to feel better to Ellen. She really knows her stuff. It's more than just a job, it's her passion to help someone out of pain that drives her to give each individual her time and expertise regarding her knowledge of their injury and the best way for treatment and recovery. I would recommend her without hesitation ~ she's great! Quotes
Paula Tilton-Brucato